Quake 4 has zombies!

that is all. (note, thanks to the #mysql guys, i have figured out a bunch of issues the server was having with mysql.. its all good now…

Published on 2006/06/17 11:15:41

New Site up and running

Man the first time i tried drupal, i was pretty much in love.. I was looking for software for Hi Sci Fi 's podcast, since loudblog has…

Published on 2006/06/03 21:30:47


Sin Episode 1 was so awesome. I'm pretty sure i'm one of the very few people who's played the original. I'm surprised that the game works so…

Published on 2006/06/03 21:19:21


note to self, if you are having trouble with nuvexport / mythtv, rememember to use the latest svn copy . Its fixed so much more than the…

Published on 2006/04/10 00:18:50

Post Secret Love

I love postsecret Entries like the following touch me so :) Keeps making me wish I had something to send them.. - ----Original Message…

Published on 2006/03/12 15:21:41

Any Issues?

Switched my hosting to lighttpd due to the smaller memory footprint and such. It seems ALOT faster for at least https://www.sfuarc.com…

Published on 2006/03/11 20:48:46

Babylon 5

Nothing quite like a day of coding and watching my brand new babylon 5 dvds!

Published on 2006/02/25 19:16:15

Utter crap

Went to futureshop (yea, i know, first mistake) to grab a new mouse ('cause mine suddenly started to die today) and Children of Dune to…

Published on 2006/02/18 21:02:35

CJSF's archive

Finally got my script that downloads hiscifi (and jevon's future show if he ever gets a new one) fixed up and running again. Apparently…

Published on 2006/02/18 12:07:25

New Apache

Okay, Yesterday I finally got php and apache to play nice again and upgraded both installations. Last time I attempted this I found there…

Published on 2006/02/18 11:58:27