Tin Man

Wow, Tin Man is... well it has zooey... Well I have met all the characters, dorthy, tin man, guy without a brain, and I'm sure the heart…

Published on 2007/12/03 21:13:44

Stargate Atlantis and more!

This being sweeps week, and me being sick for now.. 6 days, I've had the chance to watch ALOT of tv shows. It was really interesting to…

Published on 2007/09/29 10:27:00

Stats Tracking

I've recently been preparing sites to move to drupal 5 for the new awesome server I got. I mean I could set the thing up using php4 and…

Published on 2007/09/06 08:35:46

Hi SciFi Sources

So I've been working on and off now for a bit trying to upgrade HiSciFi.com . Work to be able to re-enable comments and the like. Also been…

Published on 2007/09/05 10:32:53

Drive gets canceled.

Its my new favorite show.. its hard to find a drama, specially a fox drama that i'll watch once, let alone multiple times but i've watch…

Published on 2007/04/28 05:14:43


Sweet. All upgraded to drupal 5..0 now. I think I've lost some posts over the years.. I can't seem to find my code monkey post :(

Published on 2007/04/01 07:21:07

I think I found a client I love.

Playing with ecto and blogjet today. I have to say, I’m find blogjet so much better. I’m still not sure I want to pay for a client. PS, C…

Published on 2007/03/31 22:30:48

CJSF changed thier schema again.

So I figured out why my “leeching” script doesn’t work anymore. They disabled authentication. So I spent a couple hours today cleaning it up…

Published on 2007/03/31 20:45:46


Nothing is better to me than screwing up telemarketers. Today's guy was all friendly and loose. "We do 1010 numbers for long distance" "Oh…

Published on 2007/03/21 20:24:10


So far this weekend I got to try two really cool demos, and one really pathetic demo. TMNT: The Movie game really sucks, you can easily…

Published on 2007/03/11 23:50:20