#bearcave fun

#bearcave fun

Published on Sep 12, 2005, 12:18 AM2 min read

I had alot of fun, but apparently i was tricked into this channel on efnet called #bearcave. I randomly chatted for a bit, and then got booted out by paranoid bots. Got a message from someone a few minutes later.

<Hadal> Sorry about that. I would have liked you to stay.
<halkeye> heh
<halkeye> no worries man
<Hadal> Honestly. You seem fairly keen.
<halkeye> heh, just bored
<halkeye> this weird fella said i should go there
<halkeye> so i did
<Hadal> Not a prank, I hope?
<halkeye> him, or me
<halkeye> CrazyPale is pretty weird
<Hadal> Did you know what the channel's purpose was before entering?
<halkeye> not a clue
<Hadal> Hmm.
<Hadal> So you're not gay, then? :)
<halkeye> me, no, sorry man
<halkeye> but thats what i figured the channel was
* Hadal nods
<halkeye> i'm not sure why the paranoid security is though
<Hadal> A prank after all. I'm doubly sorry for the trouble.
<Hadal> Oh, apparently it's a common joke to tell people to go to this channel, without an explanation.
<halkeye> heh
<halkeye> oh really? thats seem silly
<halkeye> why goto places with good conversations?
<halkeye> i mean a little quiet
<halkeye> but decent enough
<Hadal> You're supposed to freak out when you realise you're in a channel full of homos.
<halkeye> oh no, was i? i'll get right on that
<Hadal> That's the way it usually works, anyway.
<halkeye> right after the witch burning
<halkeye> and stoning
<Hadal> If you hurry, you won't be late for the crucifixtion.
<halkeye> sweet
<halkeye> but don't want to forget the witches
<halkeye> they might feel left out
<Hadal> Yes; and their supple, pale flesh burns ever so nicely.
<halkeye> and the old latex hats
<halkeye> the smell, god the hell
<Hadal> The resultant bonemeal is excellent for vigorous roses, however.

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