Got password resetters working

Got password resetters working

Published on Aug 1, 2005, 9:48 PM1 min read

Its actually been a very productive long weekend for me, one of the few i guess.

Spent most of it rebuilding software, reconfiguring applications, and creating new interfaces.

So step by step:

  • Installed MT on my server again
  • Started and nearly completed a new version of MTLJPost
  • Started on the Hosting interface. All the software is configured (with ftp and postfix being tweaked for various things today).
  • Finished the password resetter for Hosting at /client/
  • Been playing with Class::DBI for the frontend for the mailbox and ftp login manager. Its actually coming along quite nicely if i wasn't getting html'ed out. I really gotta build some nice frontend libraries or standards templates, but next weekend probably.
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