Kode Kode Coding

Kode Kode Coding

Published on Mar 14, 2005, 4:11 PM1 min read

HAHA, this site is now RSS validated again.

I didn't know what format I actually had, something I used from the old MT installation, but now its working again.


[Valid RSS]

I think all that is left is some validation in the xmlrpc interface, and then I'll start a cleaner version... KodePost or something. It'll go along nicely with my awesome comic system (KodeKomic)

Gavin Mogan
Burnaby, BC, Canada

I'm Gavin.

I'm a tinker, maker, and software developer.

At home I code, game, hang out, all the cool non robot things to do.

Heavily involved with Jenkins open source, and will often submit PRs to random other projects.

I also play games, both board and video games and love to read.

You can usually find me on various services as halkeye.