Crushes ( :) does not belong in posts)

Crushes ( :) does not belong in posts)

Published on Oct 8, 2003, 11:08 AM1 min read

After reading Richard's (Just a Gwai Lo) post on Crushes, I started to think even more about my , um, extremly easy abilty to crush on people.. When I meet people for the first time (those exclude those i know online first), I usually get a huge crush on them.. It is about 99% of the time girls, but I have had a slight crush on a guy before.

But it did more or less, remind me how I feel about crushes.. When they do have a boyfriend, while the crush does seem to pass quicker, part of me is torn apart. But even worse than that, is when you belive you have a chance, then quickly notice signs to say something else... Not only that, but the crush tuns into more like an obsession, saying what if I did this, or if I said that instead... Constantly thinking about that person, because you belive it still has a chance to change...

It sucks.. I for one miss my days when I never thought about such things, I think it really changed last year when someone actually for once showed an interest in me. Even if she turned out not to really have much interest. :)

Yea, thats my opinion on crushes. Why do I keep trying to end my rants/posts/etc like that?

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