Con... not Report

Con... not Report

Published on Jul 29, 2003, 4:44 PM1 min read

(Yes Yes, transcribed directly from my lj, so its not really that good, but its been 2 days now, and i havn't felt like writing something better yet)

I guess now, i finally feel like the con is over. Even though i'm still wearing my AE2003 t-shirt, and my pass is still sitting on my desk, staring back at me, telling me i should go back for another day.

I really don't know what to say, it was my first con experience, and i have to say, i absolutly loved it. Probably moreso hanging out with the ubc people more than being at the con, but I still thoughally enjoyed the con...

After going to the Stargate SG-1 Panel, i so wished i went to more, but i had no idea what i wanted to see, still don't.. He was an awsomly fun speaker.. and i asked about the cartoon, and found out that most of them had absolutly nothing todo with it.. which was awsome, i hate the new cartoon. And that there will be a spinoff series.. hopefully it will be good. I just wish I actually got channels that aired any of the shows (other than the cartoon :P)

I loved the auction at the end, I'm sure i was blushing alot when i was doing the bidding on robotech, i could feel my face get really hot, moreso than just the temperature in the room... eeep :)

But the auction was fun, loved all the VA's.. well most of them, they made it fun... I was hoping for alot more for the closing ceramony though.. Guess it wasn't really planned out.. Actually i was wishing for at least something.

Anyways, gonna post some stuff on as well as post links to the 50-75 pictures (As i got tired of trying to make the picture pages look like they fit with the rest of the website) I took during the weekend.. But as a sneak preview, some of my favorite

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