Email Love

Email Love

Published on Jul 19, 2003, 11:42 PM1 min read

Screenshot of Mozilla Thunderbird

Man, I'm finding more and more I like to email people instead of IM people. Not to mention the fact that more often I find people are not online, or away or whatever. But i like handling emails, I guess thats why I liked livejournal so much in the past, there was a lot of replying to things... heh.. Much easier to converse In my opinion anyways.

Specially since I've been using Mozilla Thunderbird, which I so enjoy more than I ever did with outlook, which makes it a lot easier when i move back and forth between Windows and Linux, as well as when i have to get rid of all my copies of Office and such, but that isn't until I graduate, or drop out (probably the drop out one :( )

Man I love this theme though, the default is a tad broke due to me getting the nightly builds and all, but this one interfaces with everything awesomely and looks cool.

My only currently complaint with Thunderbird is the fact that the addressbook sometimes crashes, i assume its not that high of a priority, but its something they eventually need to deal with.

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