My K-PAX review

My K-PAX review

Published on Jul 14, 2003, 4:59 PM1 min read

I've had the chance to see K-Pax about a week ago. I really do not know what the problem everyone else seems to have with that movie. I really enjoyed it. The entire movie left me guessing to the fact of whether or not the Prot was really from K-Pax. I definitely Highly Recommend it to anyone at all interested in drama and thought provoking movies.

Next up was today's Jungle Book 2 , unfortunately it was a downloaded cam version, i would have preferred to get a DVD, but i found it on my hd from a while ago, so alls good. I am not sure if I liked it better than the previous one, I nearly cried at the end, but I think I liked the first one better. But since i can't really remember it, heh, yea. It was good, I just don't think it was as good as some of Disney's other movies. I really want to see Spirited Away and Treasure Planet at some point, I like happy movies.

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