Sauce Labs Hipchat Service (and Open Source)

I am absolutely ecstatic to announce the new Sauce Labs and HipChat integration being not only released to the public, but open source as…

Published on 2016/10/26 13:17:32

Gavin mental health

Since @geekmentalhelp is doing a week of articles talking about mental health, I've decided to nudge myself into doing something as well…

Published on 2016/10/06 20:01:09

test.allTheThings() at Jenkins World 2016

I spent last week at Jenkins World 2016. This was my second time hanging out at the Sauce Labs  booth, the first being Microsoft's /b/uild…

Published on 2016/09/20 21:37:36

My Second Fringe Show: How to Adult

I'm not sure what to say about this one. I had so much fun at grounded, I figured I would check out another Fringe show when I got back from…

Published on 2016/09/20 09:41:33


Only a week later. I’m getting way better at this. Last weekend my friend Joanna Gaskell stared in this fringe festival play called…

Published on 2016/09/16 10:26:50


I really need to remember to post here more often. What have I been up lately? A bunch of traveling for work. Microsoft Visual Studio Parter…

Published on 2016/09/05 16:15:29

My GoPro experiments

My mom got me a GoPro last year for my birthday, and as the weather has gotten a lot nicer, I've been using it for various projects. About a…

Published on 2016/05/14 07:22:19

Talk on Testing - Code and Coffee YVR

One of my personal goals for this year is to start getting more comfortable sharing knowledge and talking infront of large crowds. As such…

Published on 2016/05/13 08:09:15

Jenkins docker Image + prefix

I'm probably going to need this again sometime. Upstart Systemd

Published on 2016/04/18 12:06:44

BBQ Chicken Pizza

I've been really enjoying the pizza experiements I've been doing lately. Last night's pizza was left over bbq sauce, pulled chicken…

Published on 2016/04/17 10:02:00